Letter: Post-haste perhaps

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From Mr Frank Card

Sir: ''Second deliveries will continue'', says Ken Wright, the Royal Mail's assistant managing director (Letters, 30 December). ''No second delivery has been withdrawn and none will be.''

All this must be very comforting for those who actually have a second delivery. I have lived in Cressing for nearly 30 years, and it is true that the second delivery has not been withdrawn; even the Royal Mail cannot withdraw what it has never provided.

But perhaps this is unfair. Our post arrives at any time between 8am and 2pm. Could it be that on some days we get a first delivery and sometimes a second, but never both?

We are told by Mr Wright that 90 per cent of mail is delivered on the first delivery. Could he ask the Royal Mail statisticians to explain how that figure is affected if one-delivery areas are removed from the equation?

Yours faithfully,

Frank Card

Cressing, Essex