Letter: PR: some pointers for the puzzled

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Sir: The reinvigorated debate on proportional representation is music to the ears of many. However, although PR may be necessary, it alone is not sufficient to ensure fair and just elections.

The present dependence of parties on the ability to raise huge sums of money to fight election campaigns ensures that the backing of unions, big business, or extremely wealthy individuals is essential. The two main parties are each to a greater or lesser extent beholden to their corporate backers. Both their integrity and independence is compromised.

I find the funding of the Tory party particularly galling. Money that should be going into share dividends to fund my pension and my mortgage endowment policy is instead being diverted to support a political party that I am strongly opposed to. Reform to the funding of political parties is as necessary as reform to the voting system if future elections are to be fair and just to everyone.


Ruislip, Middlesex