Letter: Precious orchid

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In Selecting a picture of Francesco da Sant' Agata of Padua's statue of a naked Hercules to discuss the issue of the worries of men with small willies ("The small willy appreciation society", Real Life, 21 September), Louise Jury misses the point. Re-search presented at the British Association of Science meeting showed that men's sexual abilities are determined by the size of their orchids; and the statue of Hercules demonstrates that he is extremely well provided for in the orchid department.

It has long been accepted that the size of the flaccid phallus gives no indication of its size when erect. To read that Peter Coles, director of Harley Medical Group, encourages men to spend money augmenting the size of their flaccid phallus to show off is rather sad. With the accumulation of evidence for declining sperm count and rising testis cancer, as well as prostate cancer, whose principal treatment is chemical or surgical orchidectomy, it is clear there are physical reasons why we need to pay more attention to the orchid rather than the phallus.

Tim Oliver

Orchid Cancer Appeal

London EC1