Letter: Prince of Orange's British troops

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Sir: Jonathan Israel is not telling us the whole truth when he says that the Prince of Orange used the Dutch army to occupy London in December 1688 ('History in the making', 28 December). In fact, a great part of the occupying forces consisted of British mercenaries employed by the Dutch States General. The Dutch Ambassador, Arnold van Citters, reported home on 18 December that the Tower of London was garrisoned by three English regiments, while three Scottish regiments were posted to Southwark.

When James returned to London after his abortive attempt to escape, there was some public celebration, but even Barillon, the French Ambassador, recognised that the majority of the population supported the change of regime. In his dispatch home of 17 December, he writes that 'Le peuple dans le fond est pour le Prince d'Orange.'

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London, N1

28 December