Letter: Princess's play

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YOU WERE mistaken in stating in your profile of Princess Margaret (25 February) that she directed The Frog - and that it sank without trace.

Alan Jefferson directed the play, which was presented by Judy Montagu, Billy Wallace and Anthony Berry at the Scala Theatre, Charlotte Street, London W1, on 1, 2 and 3 June, 1954, in aid of the Invalid Children's Aid Association.

Princess Margaret gave whole-hearted support to the venture and attended many rehearsals. The presenters and society cast gave their time freely over many weeks to ensure the success of the production and the fund-raising for the ICAA. I was a member of the technical staff.

The Duke of Devonshire, Lord Porchester, the Marchioness of Dufferine and Ava and Viscount and Viscountess Norwich were but a few of Princess Margaret's friends who participated.