LETTER : Privatised railway will price itself off the market

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Sir: I am bemused by your article on George Solly and his family ("The trap" Magazine, 23 March). The family's monthly income of pounds 2,151, later boosted by pounds 1,200 per month from Mr Solly's new job, in no way fits any accepted definition of poverty.

This is a man whose business failed but who does not seem to recognise that this demands an adjustment to his life-style.What does he expect to happen? Perhaps a monthly grant from the Benevolent Society for Very Mildly Distressed Entrepreneurs?

Nobody is suggesting that he reneges on the HP contract on his large, expensive car. He simply sells it and settles the debt. The question of what to do with his large mortgage and school fees is so obvious that no more needs to be said.

My job occasionally brings me in contact with real poverty, which is families the same size as the Sollys existing on an income of less than pounds 6,000 a year. Mr Solly should be grateful for what he has and perhaps look around him to see what need really is.

Mark Conway