Letter: Privatising parcels

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Sir: I was interested to read William Waldegrave's letter (28 August). The Post Office is at present preparing its parcels 'business' for privatisation under the name Parcelforce. As a result clearance fees for international parcels have risen to pounds 4.50 while the Royal Mail charges pounds 1.20 for the same service. Second, international surface parcel fees have been raised to near airmail levels; it now costs the equivalent of pounds 4.50 to sent a 2lb parcel from the US to the UK but to send that same parcel from the UK to the US costs pounds 11.60. Parcelforce's explanation is that 'the price paid in either direction varies as a result of the differing cost basis facing individual countries combined with commercial and political pressures'. I trust this will calm those suspicious of government plans for the Post Office and BR.

Yours faithfully,


Melton Constable, Norfolk