Letter: Problems of walking in Pembrokeshire

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Sir: It was interesting to read about the problems East Nolton Riding Stables are having on Druidstone beach, Pembrokeshire ("Tide turns against riders on the sands", 2 September).

They are as nothing, however, compared with the problems walking visitors and local people have had with the landowners over more then a decade: an illegal diversion of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path (a National Trail) down a dangerous cliff without prosecution; intimidation of walkers on other public paths, including turning back path surveyors; no signs or waymarks on the paths and riding horses illegally down a public footpath on to the beach.

Of more relevance than the plight of the horse riders on the beach is why the local authorities, including the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, have not taken resolute action to protect and assert the rights of the public to the use and enjoyment of any highway.



Welsh Council

The Ramblers' Association