Letter: Profiting from Fred West's life

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From Dr Alan Bullion

Sir: The Official Solicitor to the Fred West estate is poised to sell the film rights to Hollywood and has apparently hawked the book rights to the highest bidder (reports, 20 October).

But why stop there? I am fully expecting a CD, T-shirts and a TV game show. Participants could nominate the actor most likely to play West in the biopic.

For once, I agree with John Major. It is not only extremely distasteful, but also an act of cynical exploitation, which can only cause yet more distress to the families of the victims.

All concerned in this tawdry little project should feel thoroughly ashamed of themselves. They should examine their consciences and ask whether prurience should be used to create yet more profit and pain.

Yours faithfully,

Alan Bullion

Tunbridge Wells

20 October