Letter: Profound Archbishop with a simple style

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Sir: I have had the privilege of working closely with Archbishop Carey during his episcopate in Bath and Wells. I simply cannot recognise the man and his gifts from the article of Andrew Brown ('Trouble for that nice Dr Carey', 9 April).

I believe he is actually the Archbishop we need to lead the Church through its present period of acknowledged difficulty with a simplicity of style and presentation that should not be confused with lack of profound theological reflection. Moreover, the Church of England needs the wise leadership of a collegial episcopal team, and the two Archbishops and the Bishop of London, with their differing gifts and experience, are a real sign of promise.

Perhaps Andrew Brown thinks that ministry teams should be limited to parishes. I have never been sycophantic about bishops of any church, but I regard the present position of the Church of England as extremely important, holding as it does to the Reformation Settlement and its own authentic experience. This leadership, with the proper and prayerful support of a majority, will be a positive force for the future of all those who wish to see a distinctive Anglican contribution to the worldwide Christian community.

Yours sincerely,


Archdeacon of Bath



9 April