Letter: Protect yourself

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THE BEST "protector" we can bestow on our children is a wholesome (natural) immune system ("An epidemic born of fear", 22 August). The only proven factors that contribute to a strong immune system are: a strong inherent constitution built upon sensible diet, proper housing and balanced emotional care. Vaccination, on the other hand - apart from the immediate harmful side effects in a handful of cases - certainly weakens natural immunity, and its effectiveness needs serious independent review.

Jeremy Laurance noted a 900 per cent fall in the measles-related deaths from the 1940s (1,000pa) to the 1960s (90pa) before vaccination commenced, due to other factors. A growing number of people are beginning to challenge the orthodox view on vaccination. These people are entitled to an informed debate on policy to enable them to apply their own judgement and exercise their parental responsibilities wisely.


The Natural Health Centre