Letter: Protection from inappropriate development

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Sir: Regarding William Goodacre's article 'Lagoons darken village horizon' (22 September), may I point out that I am not aware of having used the word 'contempt' in anything I may have said or written about this sorry affair. Insensitivity to local environmental considerations, certainly.

The Suffolk Preservation Society has consistently made a more serious point, one that is of national as well as local importance. These sewage sludge lagoons may provide a suitable solution to the problem of disposal, but Iken is a wholly inappropriate place to have chosen. By selecting sites which by a narrow margin come within 'permitted development', Anglian Water has quite legally managed to avoid the environmental assessment which a planning application would have required. The palliatives agreed after pressure by objectors are unlikely to be effective. It is this defect in planning procedure which thwarts the commendable attempts by Government and local authorities to protect communities from inappropriate development, and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty from damaging intrusion, and which the Suffolk Preservation Society deeply regrets. Brian Harris's photograph is excellent.

Yours faithfully



Suffolk Preservation Society

Woodbridge, Suffolk