Letter: Protection from lawless cyclists

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Sir: It was rather ironic that M. B. Wilkinson's letter (1 April) should appear on the same day as your transport correspondent's article 'Roads death toll at record low as drink-drive accidents fall'.

T. R. S. Pledger (letter, 2 April) is right that enforcing minor laws can be a great help in achieving a respect for major laws. But discretion in enforcement is essential if scarce police resources are to be used effectively. More pragmatically, constables have to exercise their discretion or they would have no time left for more serious matters, so extensive is criminal and administrative law.

As to the particular concerns of Dr Wilkinson: one-way streets are generally enforced by those driving vehicles in the correct direction. Cycle offences are being targeted in Sussex towns, including Brighton. Dr Wilkinson did not specify which local government traffic schemes troubled him, nor has he been in touch with me about any of these matters. I look forward to hearing from him.

Yours faithfully,


Chief Constable

Police Headquarters

Lewes, East Sussex

4 April

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