Letter: Protesters can make a difference

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Sir: By using job creation as the main justification for the construction of a second runway at Manchester Airport (Letters, 29 May), Graham Stringer shows clearly why so many have come to the point of despair with a political process which gives undue weight to the vested interests of big business.

Of course we all want to see more employment opportunities, but these must be created as a result of economic activity which is genuinely sustainable, not that which depletes finite resources and contributes towards climate change.

Those, like myself, who campaign vigorously to protect the environment expect to hear little from politicians concerning the need to significantly reduce flights, nor have we any hopes that industry will face up to the intolerable burden its activities represent to future generations. We are therefore left with no other option than to make a nuisance of ourselves, in the hope that we just might make a difference.


Leigh-on-Sea, Essex