Letter: Proud Irish at ease in England

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Sir: Jack O'Sullivan ("The dangerous romanticism of Irishness", 26 September) must realise that life moves on. There are very many Irish men and women throughout Britain, confident in their Irish identity, while integrating fully into the communities in which they live and work.

Born in London in the Fifties to Irish professional parents, we returned to Dublin when I was 10, as my parents had great confidence in the Irish education system. In 1983, I returned to England with my husband, a doctor. We took the decision, early on, to make a permanent home here, as we decided we'd never settle properly while still entertaining wistful hopes of returning "home" one day.

Our three children are growing up here, knowing who they are and where they fit in. As a family we delight in our shared Irish heritage, its poetry, music and literature and the children are proud of this and enjoy many trips to Dublin. Equally, they are at ease with the society they are growing up in, learning English history and literature. They do not feel different from their peers.

The Irish are good Europeans, and embrace all cultures with pleasure, while taking pride in our own.


Marsh Baldon, Oxfordshire