Letter: Public need for information on the effects of immigration policy

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Sir: When I read MP Graham Allen's letter (31 January) on a common immigration policy for Europe, I was initially heartened to see him agree that we need such a policy - but then I read on and reached the tired old phrases - 'anti-immigrant prejudice', 'xenophobic and racist parties'. When will these apologists for multiculturalism face the fact that people who are against immigration are also entitled to their views without being subjected to abusive words which have become meaningless dogmatic chants.

I would remind Mr Allen that 'prejudice' is prejudging an issue without regard to the facts - a notable characteristic of those who want to flood our country with people who have no intention of fitting in, in the face of the fact that no multicultural country has ever made a go of it. Of course we are told we are different; we can make it succeed where others have failed. If this isn't a racist assumption I don't know what is.

Mr Allen does not like immigration policies being devised in undemocratic secretive bodies and would welcome democratic scrutiny. I assume that like all those politicians who pompously advocate greater democracy, he doesn't actually mean letting the people have a say, but rather is upset because his little club, the House of Commons, might be ignored.




West Midlands

1 February