Letter: Public parks and spaces as a measure of a civilisation's greatness

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Sir: The article 'Dark age of the public park' (27 July) gives me the opportunity to say publicly what I often say privately to friends who are visiting Nottingham.

I have lived in the city for some 10 years and during that time have become increasingly impressed with the efforts of both city and county in maintaining parks and large leisure areas, many of which have buildings or aspects of historical significance. What has been particularly impressive over the period has been the level and extent of restoration that has occurred.

Both city and county can be justifiably proud of what they have achieved in this area of their public responsibilities.

Hopefully, as employers, they will be equally proud of the dedicated workforce that has made aspiration a reality and will ensure that their work, which brings such pleasure to the public, continues into our uncertain economic


Yours faithfully,



28 July