LETTER : Public transport builds community spirit

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Sir: If Steven Norris really believes "it's better by car" (report, 9 February), then as minister with responsibility for public transport in London, he should get in his and drive over to Downing Street to present a letter of resignation.

I have been driving buses in London for 10 years, and still believe that this Government should give serious consideration to improving public transport here, if more people are to make better use of it.

The existentialist fear that we are isolated and do not know our neighbours is true for all like Mr Norris who are themselves the "dreadful human- beings" they would try to avoid by sitting in their private cars.

London needs a deeper sense of community and public transport for a role to play in effecting this, even if Mr Norris does not.

Yours sincerely,


London, SW16

9 February