LETTER : Public transport builds community spirit

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Sir: Whether taken out of context or not, Steven Norris's remark that it is better by car because "you don't have to put up with dreadful human beings sitting alongside you" seems to me to be incredibly arrogant and really rather sad.

Does he realise what he is missing by not travelling on public transport? So many facets of human life can be found, so many sights can be seen, so many conversations overheard and wondered upon! So much more interesting than travelling in an air-conditioned Jaguar Sovereign with all-round stereo.

If Steven Norris travelled more on public transport, he could ask these dreadful people in what ways they think public transport could be improved. I think they would tell him they would like a cleaner, more modern and cheaper service, and that a large government investment would be required in all areas of public transport in all areas of the country.

Surely, that is what this country has been crying out for for many years. For goodness sake, Mr Norris get out of your Jaguar and step on to a 49 bus.

Yours faithfully,



9 February