Letter: Purposeful packaging

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Sir: Your leading article 'Even unto the yoghurt pot' (16 July) implies that most packaging is completely unnecessary and serves no justified purpose, whereas there are, in fact, many benefits. Packaging actually prevents waste through breakage, spoilage and contamination.

In the fast-moving consumer goods area, the economics are such that the minimum amount of packaging, to ensure protection, is actually used.

Where there are cases, as the article suggests, of misleading and deceptive packaging, these can be referred to a recently established independent body - The Packaging Council - that will address public concerns and complaints about packaging. 'Unnecessary packaging' is a subjective issue that cannot be dealt with by legislation, and the United Kingdom's lead in establishing this watchdog has been followed by Denmark and Germany.

Yours faithfully,



The Industry Council for

Packaging and the Environment

London, SW1

16 July