Letter; Push back the boundaries of debate on voting reform

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Sir: It is good news that the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats look like they are co-operating over proportional voting. What is bad news is any suggestion of a tilt towards the Alternative Voting System.

Our party (as well as others like the Green Party) will once again find it disproportionately difficult to secure representation despite the fact that we achieved up to 6 per cent in the seats we contested in the European Elections.

We will hold Robert Maclennan MP (letter, 2 April), and the Liberal Democrats to their pledge to achieve a properly proportional system.

Surely the way forward is for all the political parties in this country to agree to an independent review of the voting system. Just as MPs should agree to an independent review of what they are paid, we Liberals believe they should surely agree to an independent review of the way they get their jobs.

Paul Macdonald

Campaign Director

The Liberal Party

London SW1