Letter: RAC and the speed camera

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From Mr David Worskett

Sir: Your editorial "The camera and the limit" (31 August) completely misrepresented the RAC's position on the use of speed cameras.

The RAC has consistently, for some years now, strongly supported the use of cameras to enforce speed limits, concentrating initially on accident black spots. Deterrence is better than detention, so we have always argued that the presence of cameras should be made clear to drivers, and all the experience suggests that this is indeed highly effective at reducing speeds.

We have also strongly supported the M25 experiments, and have a track record going back many, many years of favouring speed limits which are correctly set to suit actual traffic conditions. With the arrival of new technology capable of delivering variable speed limits, the prospects must now at last be improving for having limits set which are realistic, and hence likely to command more respect.

Yours faithfully,

David Worskett


Public Affairs


London, SW1

31 August