Letter: Racism row

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NEIL MARTINSON (Letters, 3 October) credits Margaret Thatcher with a starring role in the downfall of the National Front in the late 1970s. But nationalism and flag-waving - even outright racism - on the part of a mainstream right- wing party does not undercut support for outfits like the National Front or the British National Party. If that were so, the recent clampdown on immigration in Germany would not have been followed by an increase in racist attacks.

You do not take away support for the extreme right by imitating any aspect of its character. Each racist law, each racist speech, spurs these people on. The Anti-Nazi League has opposed Nazis wherever they appear.

Feel free to blame the Tories for providing a fertile breeding ground for the BNP but to thank them for getting rid of the National Front seems far-fetched.

Guy Taylor

Bexley Anti-Nazi League

London SE18