Letter: RAF's `lovely' bombing raids

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RAF's `lovely' bombing raids

Sir: On the subject of RAF bombers on postage stamps (Letters, 11, 14 June), I find the following entry from my diary dated 26 May 1943, shortly after a return to England after a couple of years overseas.

Yesterday a civilian said to me, "Gosh, wasn't it a lovely raid we had last night!"

I replied: "Oh, I didn't hear anything."

"Oh, I meant the Druisburg raid."

"Oh", I said, "I thought you meant London."

"Heavens no," came the answer. "I would have said a terrible raid if it had been London."

This nice distinction between the lovely and the terrible amused me.

I wish people who now castigate the actions of Bomber Command would allow of some reference to the context in which the air war took place.



East Sussex