Letter: Random cameras for risky drivers

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From Mr John A. Cram

Sir: Tim Mickleburgh (Letters, 12 September) is correct: the speed-limit on British motorways is still 70mph (60mph on single carriageways). But Mick Whitmore ("Motorways are good for you ...", 9 September) is also correct: many motorists flout this with impunity. This is because wherever the Department of Transport installs speed cameras, it also installs warning signs, so motorists know that where there are no signs, there are no cameras; so they can drive dangerously and illegally, and get away with it.

The sooner the Government wakes up to this and introduces speed cameras at random intervals with no warning, the less pollution will be caused (driving faster uses more fuel) and the more lives will be saved.

Yours sincerely,

John A. Cram


12 September