LETTER: Rantzen and hospital

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LETTER: Rantzen and hospital

DESPITE the reported findings of the Broadcasting Standards Commission, Esther Rantzen persists in making unwarranted allegations about the care of a former resident at the British Home and Hospital for Incurables which was featured so damagingly on The Rantzen Report in August 1996.

In your report "Rantzen sticks by her hospital story" (2 March) Ms Rantzen states that a former resident was moved to another hospital as a result of her programme. This is not true. The judicial review process that resulted in Ian being moved to a specialised assessment centre was completed before the programme was broadcast, and implied no criticism whatsoever of the care Ian received here. BHHI wants all its residents to have appropriate assessments and access to the services they need.


Matron and House Governor

The British Home and Hospital for Incurables

London SW16