Letter: Real `pro-life' agenda more than abortion

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Real `pro-life' agenda more than abortion

Sir: If there is to be a major debate here on "pro-life" issues, I hope it will include a decent definition of what "pro-life" actually means.

It often means merely opposition to abortion and euthanasia, but "pro- life" must include campaigning for disabled people's rights and opposition to the death penalty. How can we expect people to value the humanity of the unborn if we are not prepared to respect the value of the born, no matter what they have done?

The "pro-life" agenda must also value single mothers. Why should women be penalised for making the brave decision to keep the child? With both pro- and anti-abortion surveys in the United States showing that lack of support from the father is the primary reason for having an abortion, should not pro-life campaigners promote increased male responsibility?

Then perhaps it will be possible to reduce the abortion rate even without reform of the Abortion Act.