LETTER : Reason enough

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From Mr Edwin Williams

Sir: As the senior detective officer leading the investigation into the abduction and murder of Daniel Handley, I was appalled to read the comments made by Ruth Picardie ("Pervert-crazy police go astray - again", 28 April) regarding suspected paedophile involvement.

Daniel disappeared on 2 October 1994. From the outset, paedophilic activity was suspected. The decision to amplify the importance of this sensitive and emotive line of enquiry was made after careful deliberation. Compelling witness testimony reinforced that decision.

Ms Picardie's ridiculous assertion that the paedophile link has almost been dreamed up as a result of "police imagination going into overdrive", or that police choose to "sexy things up'', is misguided, offensive and irresponsible.

Yours faithfully,


Detective Superintendent

3 Area (North East)

Metropolitan Police Service

London, E15

28 April