Letter: Reason to pester the doctor Take sore throats seriously

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IN THE article "How to treat your doctor" mention is made of "heart sink" patients, who suffer from "Tatt" (Tired All The Time).

I must have been the ideal patient. I suffered from "Tatt" from the early 1970s until 1994. In fact, it wasn't just Tatt, it was "Noad" - Nodding Off All Day, plus "Omkad" - "On My Knees All Day", but since I had three children and a full-time job, I just thought it was normal, and I was always too somnambulant to visit a doctor. I didn't set foot inside a surgery for 15 years, and I was proud of it.

Then someone suggested to me that I might have an underactive thyroid. One little blood test showed that I did. In retrospect I realise that this treatable deficit had had a seriously detrimental effect on my physical and emotional quality of life for almost a quarter of a century.

N Gillott

High Barnet, Hertfordshire