Letter: Reasons to switch off Radio 3

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Sir: A sad thing happened to me this morning. I had turned on Radio 3 as usual to listen to music, and heard instead two men wittering about something or other. So I switched off. I do so agree with Michael De-la-Noy's letter (4 August): I want classical music in the mornings, not chatter. I can create my own chatter. The other day one of the new-style presenters urged me to 'take care' before he signed off. Radio 3 (which is a rare treasure) should not try to compete with the new Classical FM station: let them play Ravel's Bolero as much as they like.

It is tragic that Thatcherism has infected this country to such an extent that even the BBC has to respond to 'market forces'. It's this worship of 'market forces' and cant about 'obligations to shareholders' that led to Jazz FM (I presume) now playing all kinds of music, so long as it isn't jazz. I hope Radio 3 and Classical FM remember that.



London, WC1

5 August