Letter: Recognition for the red dragon

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Sir: Eiddwen Harrhy's St David's Day call (letter, 1 March) for the emblem of Wales to be included in both the Union flag and the Royal Arms is for a reform which is as welcome as it is long overdue.

The inclusion of the dragon in the Royal Arms would restore them to their state in the days of the Tudors. Henry VII adopted the red dragon as one of the supports of the Royal Arms and it was his deathbed wish for his son, later Henry VIII, to remember Wales. Following Henry VII's success at Bosworth, many Welsh moved to the Court and founded families such as the Cecils/Seisyllt which have enriched English and British life.

Wales is part of Britain, the oldest part, and should be recognised in our national flag. Why the dragon was removed from the Royal Arms, I do not know; but perhaps Oliver Cromwell, a descendant of a Welshman who followed the Tudors to England, might have been a factor.

Yours faithfully,


Moortown, West Yorkshire

2 March