Letter: Recycling

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Sir: I am glad that Polly Toynbee ("The battle of incinerators vs recyclers", 15 September) has no doubts about the value of recycling. Nor do I.

But first and foremost, we need to avoid waste where we can. Secondly, we should recover material or energy from as much waste as possible to reduce reliance on landfill. The fact that about 85 per cent of household waste takes this route, with about 6 per cent each to recycling and energy recovery, shows how non-existent is the "battle" she describes between the incinerators and the recyclers.

Britain has far to go to increase beneficial use of its waste: most successful will be a balanced approach - recycle to a sensible extent and recover energy from the residual wate, as they do in the greener continental countries.

A modern green power station is safe, reduces pollution and in no way conflicts with recycling.


Director, Energy from Waste


London W2