Letter: Red pillar boxes are here to stay

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Sir: Jonathan Glancey's article 'Last post for a splendid scarlet box?' (5 July) gave the impression that the Royal Mail is planning to introduce new designs for its existing red pillar boxes. This could not be further from the truth.

The fact is that the nation's 120,000 pillar boxes, much loved by the public, will remain unchanged. We are not looking to change the design or the livery of these pillar boxes in any way and they will, indeed, stay in production.

What we are doing is taking a first step at looking for possible additional pillar boxes as a direct response to business customers' needs. For example, our business customers have said they would like pillar boxes with larger openings to accommodate larger envelopes and bulk postings in out-of-town areas.

These plans will have no effect on the current red boxes. We are proud of our red boxes and these familiar features in the community are here to stay.

Yours sincerely,


Director, Public Relations

The Post Office

London, EC1

7 July