Letter: Reduction of greenhouse gases

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From Mr Philip Daubeney

Sir: Frances Cairncross ("Global warming won't cost the earth", 28 March) is right in stating that Britain will restore its output of greenhouse gases to 1990 levels "thanks largely to electricity privatisation".

Success in reducing carbon dioxide emissions in this country is indeed due principally to electricity industry action which has made massive improvements in fossil fuel generation and the performance of nuclear plant, together with the increasing use of high efficiency gas generation and renewables. Between 1990 and 1992 electricity industry emission reductions were three times greater than those agreed for the whole of the UK. Estimates now forecast that the industry is on course to achieve a reduction of 12 MtC (megatonnes of carbon) by the year 2000, comfortably exceeding the Government's total UK target of 10 MtC.

Yours faithfully,


Chief Executive

Electricity Association

London, SW1

29 March