Letter: Reflections on the 'Mirror'

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Sir: David Seymour should be careful when trying to justify the unjustifiable ('That's enough pandering to the party', 24 February).

He cites as an example of how he will be 'returning journalism to the Mirror Group's political coverage', the Daily Mirror's projection of John Smith's Bournemouth speech with that of Today, the significance being that Today's was considerably better.

Mr Seymour did indeed write the leading article but had been told what to say by me. He was also told what to rewrite. The leader page article on John Smith was suggested by me, not by him. Once again he was told the framework and interpretation I wanted. The projection, as always, was an editor's decision and had nothing to do with him. As for the historic nature of Mr Smith's speech, it was so significant that Mr Seymour had not even arranged for the political editor to be present in Bournemouth until I expressed


I was editor of the Daily Mirror for six years. Funny old world, eh?

Yours faithfully,




London, E1

24 February