Letter: Remember the dragon on St David's Day

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Sir: On this March 1st, St David's Day, may a Welshwoman make a plea for a modification of the Union flag? The UK comprises England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The Union flag consists of the crosses of St George for England, St Andrew for Scotland and St Patrick for Ireland. Wales is left out.

Wales is clearly a nation, and is recognised as such in many different ways. At football, we do at least as well as the England team. At rugby, we do rather better. We have a language of our own, a literature of our own, and Cardiff is recognised as a capital city. Wales provided the raw power of its coal for the creation of the British Empire, Welshmen and women have given their lives in defence of it. The Welsh have distinguished themselves at international level from politics to sport and theatre.

It thus seems unfair to exclude Wales from the Union flag. A modification to include our dragon or our daffodils or any of our national symbols would be recognition of fact, and a compliment to Wales in the year when Prince Charles celebrates the Silver Jubilee of his Investiture as Prince of Wales.

At the same time, perhaps the Queen would assent to a modification of the Royal Arms. To lose a few English lions and gain a Welsh dragon would be a fine compliment from the House of Windsor to the nation of Wales.

Yours sincerely,


English National Opera

London, W1