LETTER : Residents at one with the Wharf

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From Mr Gerald Rothman

Sir: There is no mystery about the answer to Jonathan Glancey's question "why developments like Canary Wharf exist" ("A target built of steel and glass", 13 February). For literally thousands of people, Canary Wharf represents a modern, efficient and comfortable environment for the conduct of business.

Ask any of those who not only work in the offices but also those who throng the malls and waterside areas, especially in summer, whether they prefer working and relaxing at Canary Wharf or some crowded environment located elsewhere, and I am confident that the vast majority will give a very different answer from the jaundiced reply of your correspondent.

No one expects to please everyone all the time but Canary Wharf is widely admired and acknowledged both in this country and abroad as an outstanding achievement and contribution to the re-generation of this area of London.

Incidentally, contrary to what he says, our relationships with the great majority of local inhabitants are excellent. As for the absurd suggestion that the IRA might be less inclined to explode bombs where there are homes, try telling that to all those whose windows are boarded up and belongings damaged as a result of Friday's explosion.

Yours faithfully,

Gerald Rothman


Canary Wharf

London, E14

13 February