Letter: Respect for Royal Family's grief

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Sir: So, the Royal Family is exposed to sniping and hostile speculation if it does not copy the habits and style of one of its former members. A 71-year- old monarch and her 50-year-old heir are guilty for not behaving like a 36-year-old given to expensive frocks and conspicuously extravagant holidays.

Am I, at 39, alone in beginning to weary of the tabloid assumption, shared by some of your commentators, that the head of state is only deserving of respect if he or she is totally tuned in to popular culture? When, in truth, was any such figure ever so tuned in?

I want Diana to have every honour paid and all respect, grief and gratitude expressed. I do not want her youthful beauty and popularity used as a weapon against the Queen and the Prince of Wales.


London SE4