Letter: Right, wrong and very cross

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YOUR forecast of the local election results is quite the most breathtakingly stupid I have ever encountered ('Tory party could lose 400 seats', 1 May). These seats were last fought four years ago. The opinion polls which you seem to be using show quite clearly that since then Labour has lost almost one-fifth of its vote, the Tories have lost about three percentage points, and the Liberals have risen from 4 per cent to about 22 per cent.

How on earth do you think that Labour is going to make 400 gains, even taking into account the fact that Labour performed dismally in London four years ago? Even more stupid is your view that the Liberals will make 13 losses when in fact they will make hundreds of gains.

I challenge you to publish this letter, by which time you will have seen that I am right and you are wrong.

Cllr Gerry Keating

Newcastle upon Tyne

Conservatives lost 429 seats; Lib- Dems gained 388 seats; Labour gained 88 seats.