Letter: Rights and wrongs of buying babies

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Sir: I would like to thank you in the warmest possible terms for the extremely well-informed and sensitive leading article 'Bureaucracy makes a case for buying babies' (15 July). It was a sane, humanitarian island in the sea of recent Romanian adoption media coverage which has featured outrageous inaccuracies, a total lack of understanding of the issues and, worst of all, misguided ideology masquerading as authority.

I write as the author of the 'My Week' piece about helping out at Romanian orphanages which you published in September 1990. I went back to Romania for Florin, the baby I met that week. Although very ill, he wasn't HIV- positive and is now a healthy, happy five-year-old who legally became my son in March 1991.

Thank you again.

Yours faithfully,


London, NW6