Letter: Riot at Welling race march was provoked by the police

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I FOUND the text that accompanied Leo Regan's photographs of Neo-Nazi home life dangerously flippant.

Highly evolved as the Independent on Sunday reader may be, is any one of us really so advanced that it is acceptable to dismiss racist violence as 'a tiring day in boots beating up Asian waiters'?

We see overleaf that Fat John is now in prison for his part in such an attack. One does not get sent away for two years for just giving someone a black eye.

I admire Leo Regan's photographs and am not accusing Neal Ascherson of condoning racists. But I do not find it marvellous that racists live in clean, neat council houses and cuddle their children.

The text makes no attempt to discuss the abuse and violence that keeps thousands of humans across the UK in legitimate fear for their own and their children's lives. Are we really ready for that?

Miranda McMinn

London N1