Letter: Ripped jeans have no place in Britain

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Sir: Answering the open letter from James Fox to Mohamed Al Fayed of House of Fraser (27 April), I would like to support Mr Fayed's attempts to uphold civilised British standards of behaviour.

We have too many trendies trying to foist their idiotic ideas - eg 'designer knee rips' - upon society. There are already more than enough uncouth-looking millionaire pop artists of one kind and another putting the nation to shame. The majority of people do not wish to have their shops, restaurants and public places swamped by indiscriminating dressers and would- be role models, to accompany the now almost unavoidable ear-splitting 'background' music which impedes conversation and renders communication with staff frustrating and annoying.

The freedom (for some) bug is a modern disaster undermining what were formerly pleasant social occasions only to suit a minority lacking in consideration for others and any pride in their country and its standards.

Yours truly,


Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear

27 April