Letter: Rival visions of England

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Sir: Clive Aslet's article has articulated very clearly and in a measured way the valid concerns of many people at the rapid changes occurring in our society today. New Labour would do well to remember these concerns and think about the speed and nature of the changes it is proposing in its reforming zeal.

Mr Aslet's last paragraph refers to the lack of understanding of the Middle England perspective, which it is now fashionable to denigrate. Two examples spring to mind. The English will not be able to have a say in Scottish and Welsh devolution, although it will affect them as much as anyone else in this country. Also, the latest anti-hunting Bill is a tawdry attempt to discriminate against a sector of society, which would rightly generate huge opposition if those under attack were Muslims or Jews undertaking their religious practices.

New Labour should remember its pledge to the whole of society and not forsake tolerance.


Stoke-by-Nayland, Suffolk