Letter: Rock against racism

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ACCORDING TO your patchy, hastily collated "The far right: guide to the groups who thrive on hate" (2 May), Blood and Honour is a "fan club" for devotees of heavy metal. I must inform you that Blood and Honour is a record label devoted to Oi! Music, a particularly brutal brand of skinhead punk consisting mainly of terrace-style chants. Certainly a long way removed from Iron Maiden and Motorhead.

I'm sure members of Pansy Division, a gay rock band, would be horrified to know you are associating them with a group that seeks to eradicate them, as would the numerous black, Asian and Jewish musicians under the rock umbrella.

In 12 years on the rock/punk scene I have never come across any neo-Nazi material or intolerant behaviour in the dozens of clubs and venues in London. Do not create scapegoats. After all, isn't that what the far right is infamous for?


London N12