Letter: Rocky road for rural walkers and off-road cyclists

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Sir: Your leading article on off- road cyclists (9 May) tried to be even-handed, making the case for tolerance and allowing freedom of access to the countryside for all users. All very fine but, as in many such cases, one person's gain in freedom can be another's loss.

This is certainly my experience. As a resident of suburbia, I value the opportunity to walk along country paths without the worry of traffic.

Unfortunately, this is no longer possible as, at any time, you can be confronted by a pack of these rural guerrillas in Lycra travelling towards you at speed. My experience is that the majority have no regard for people on foot, not even slowing down as they approach and being abusive if any comment is made.

For walkers, especially the young, this can be frightening and dangerous. I enjoy cycling, but resent the loss of the pleasure of a carefree stroll along a country path.

Yours faithfully,


Wallington, Surrey

10 May