LETTER : Room for more at the cottage

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From Mr Mike Hemming

Sir: I can assure you that, in what has been a very dry summer by Lake District standards, there is absolutely no sign of any mud in Beatrix Potter's garden at Hill Top, and that its delightful old-world charms remain completely unharmed by our visitors ("The tale of little Ms Kawairashii", 25 July).

Although it is true that, for a number of years, the National Trust has been concerned about pressure inside the house, particularly at peak periods, Peter Popham's claim that we have plans to urge visitors from Japan to "go elsewhere" are without foundation. We will continue to offer the warmest of welcomes to all our visitors, whether they come from Tokyo, Tennessee or Tunbridge Wells.

Yours sincerely,

Mike Hemming


Hill Top and The Beatrix

Potter Gallery

The National Trust

Near Sawrey, Cumbria