LETTER : Royal Family fails nation in its grief

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Sir: Polly Toynbee (1 September) is right to draw attention to the problem that has been created for the Palace, following the rapid canonisation of the late Princess. She goes on to raise the fear that Prince William might ponder which of his difficult parents to blame.

Should the Prince's mind turn that way, he will have to look higher than his father, a mere pawn in the game. The whole sorry tale came about because the Prince of Wales was not allowed a free choice of whom he could marry. First choice was royalty, second must be nothing less than titled. Virginity was a hoped-for "extra". Despite the fact that his life is impossible to live in anyone's terms, Charles was and remains a dutiful son and heir - just as William is expected to be.

The British are notoriously juvenile about matters sexual and if we could not accept 16 years ago that the Prince of Wales could make a free choice, perhaps we can now. If so, we will all have grown up a little bit.


Little Gaddesden, Hertfordshire