Letter: Royal prayers of the Indian Army

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Sir: Let's not forget the Indians. In 1902, Edward VII was taken ill just before his coronation, which had to be postponed from 24 June to 9 August. On hearing the news of the King Emperor's illness, the representatives of the Indian Army for the coronation, attending the Bishop of London's reception at Fulham Palace, lifted their hands and said, 'We go to pray.' With their carpets spread before them, they prayed for the King for an hour and a half in the field opposite the palace.

The Christians in the Indian Army afterwards sent a message to the bishop: 'The others have been praying in the camp for the King. May we come and join you, Bishop, at your evening worship?'

The chapel was crowded with troops at the 10 o'clock intercessionary service. There is a painting of these Indian troops in the grounds of Fulham praying for the King.

Faithfully yours,


London, NW11

4 September