Letter: Rude question

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I AM irritated by your obsession with how much famous people earn. I was always told as a child that it is bad form to ask how much someone earns, and I find this 'bite-sized' column unamusing, shallow and verging on the offensive. The front-page story on tax avoidance ('Tories help firms that find ways to avoid tax', 19 December) was interesting and important; Noel Edmonds' estimated earnings are uninteresting and totally unimportant.

I want my newspaper to entertain as well as inform. But could you rely more on good, witty writing (although admittedly few can match Wallace Arnold) and less on 'bite-size' features? Some, like your TV feature 'Long Runners', are good; others, like 'How much does he earn?' are not. More quality control, please.

Gideon Spanier

London NW1