Letter: Rugby fanatics maybe, but not misogynists

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Sir: Jaci Stephen ('Give the Welsh divorce and boost the Christian cause', 15 September) caricatures religion as universally intolerant (which it isn't) and Welshmen as misogynist, beer- swilling rugby fanatics. (I am a former rugby player but there I hope the similarity ends.)

As a Welshman and a Christian I am generally far too sensitive to the feelings of others to tell you what I really think of journalists. However, like her, I am glad that the Church in Wales is examining the issue of the re-marriage of divorcees in church. She will be glad to know that the Church in Wales has not shelved women's priesthood. Many of us are still trying to ensure it remains on the Church's agenda and we hope that a new Bill will be introduced to the Governing Body next year.

Yours faithfully,


Bangor, Gwynedd